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Taking A Stand
A Guide to Peace Teams and Accompaniment Projects

By Elizabeth F. Boardman

Putting your body in the way of violence is a dramatic way of taking a stand. Taking a Stand describes the work done by peace teams and accompaniment projects – who runs them, what is involved in joining, and the social and emotional challenges and rewards from such experience. Accessible and conversational, the book describes who runs the peace programs, how to get information, the variety of people currently participating, and what to expect in terms of fear and exhilaration, resistance and support.

   About the Author:
Elizabeth Boardman is a long-time Quaker and political activist who traveled with the Iraq Peace Team sponsored by Voices in the Wilderness in December 2002. An innovator in services for the elderly in her professional life, she is the daughter of a conscientious objector, grandmother of five, and Clerk of San Francisco Friends Meeting.
»  The Introduction plus Chapters 1 and 2 of this book are readable free of charge on GoogleBooks.  

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