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The Soul Unearthed: Celebrating Wildness and Personal Renewal Through Nature

Cass Adams

A rich anthology bringing together more than fifty of the planet's most eloquent advocates teaching how to be refreshed and transformed by what is wild in the Earth – and in humans.

Description adapted from Amazon: This unusual and inspiring collection of 70+ stories, essays, poems, and interviews revolves around the central theme of how wilderness affects us spiritually. Through their experience of nature in its most basic form, the notable contributors (Robert Bly, Maxine Kumin, Terry Tempest Williams, and more) confront their relationship to themselves; to planet Earth, and all its inhabitants; and to the divine.

It is within the sanctuary of the wilderness, far from their computer screens and local espresso vendors, that these highly acclaimed writers find their strongest voice. As a result, these vivid stories of encounters with animals, wretched weather, fear, humility, and ultimately, spirit are gritty and as down to earth as it gets. New material from David Whyte, Gary Snyder, Wendell Berry, Nancy Wood, Deena Metzger, Laura Carithers, and Howard Nelson add an additional ten pages to this second edition.

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