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The Deep Ecology Movement
An Introductory Anthology

Alan Drengson and Yuichi Inoue, Editors

From the publisher:  The Deep Ecology Movement, a name introduced by noted Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess, is a worldwide grassroots environmental movement that seeks to redress the shallow and piecemeal approach of technology-based ecology. Its followers share a profound respect for the Earth's interrelated natural communities and a sense of urgency about the need to make profound cultural and social changes in order to restore and sustain the long-term health of the planet. This comprehensive introduction to the Deep Ecology Movement brings together Naess' seminal groundbreaking work with essays by environmental thinkers and activists responding to and expanding on its philosophical and practical aspects.

Other contributors include George Sessions, Gary Snyder, Alan Drengson, Bill Devall, Freya Mathews, Warwick Fox, David Rothenberg, Michael E. Zimmerman, Patsy Hallen, Dolores LaChapelle, Pat Fleming, Joanna Macy, John Rodman, and Andrew McLaughlin. The authors offer diverse viewpoints– from ecofeminist, scientific, and purely philosophical approaches, to Christian, Buddhist, and Gandhian-based principles. Their essays show how social, technological, psychological, philosophical, and institutional issues are all fundamentally related to our attitudes and values toward the natural world.


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