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Deep Ecology for the 21st Century

Readings on the Philosophy & Practice of the New Environmentalism

George Sessions

These 39 articles by leaders in the field explore the basic philosophy of Deep Ecology, its roots in the writings of Thoreau, Muir, and Carson, its relationship to social ecology, ecofeminism, and the Greens, and as exemplified by poet Gary Snyder and philosopher Arne Naess.

Adapted from Amazon.com review:  This anthology, although dominated by the writings of Arne Naess, the Norwegian philosopher who formulated the ecosophy of the deep ecology movement, presents a broad mix of issues by leading deep ecologists. Glendinning argues that psychological distress results from our alienation from nature. Turner profiles Gary Snyder's efforts to practice his vision of "living as part of a larger system of plant and animal communities governed by reciprocity." McLaughlin clarifies Naess' eight-point platform for change, and Snyder proposes specific action on several levels in the areas of population, pollution, consumption, and transformation (of society). Sessions discusses the roots of ecocentrism and anthropocentrism, the ecocentric philosophers (Spinoza, Thoreau, Muir, Santayana), and modern writers with an ecocentric message (Leopold and Carson, among others). Also included are a consideration of ecofeminist charges of androcentrism, and an examination of the ideologies of the New Age movement, generally antipodal to those of deep ecology. Brenda Grazis

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