Edie Hartshorne: Light In Blue Shadows

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Light in Blue Shadows

By Edie Hartshorne  (www.lightinblueshadows.com)

Can tragedy offer unexpected gifts? Yes, is the inspiring answer in Edie Hartshorne’s beautiful Light in Blue Shadows which chronicles the painful and illuminating five-year odyssey into grief after the senseless death of her 20- year old son.

Through her courageous self-reflection, therapist Edie Hartshorne uncovers the depth of human resilience, teaching all of us that within the darkness of death and sorrow live shining jewels of wisdom and healing.

Her compelling book offers inspiration to those who have experienced loss in their life—from the smaller endings that accompany every day like the failure of a relationship to the more serious ones such as the death of a child. Hartshorne’s book serves as a comfort to her readers and a precious reminder of the fragile beauty of our lives.


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