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Christ the Liberator
A View from the Victims

Jon Sobrino

Christ the Liberator is a sequel to and continuation of Jon Sobrino’s earlier book, Jesus the Liberator (1991; ET, 1993). The two volumes actually form two parts of one whole christology, written from the perspective of Latin American liberation theology. In the first book, Sobrino focused on the historical Jesus, the significance of his proclamation, and the conflict that led to his execution and death. Whereas the first volume interpreted the Jesus of history, this book considers the Jesus of faith or the kerygmatic Christ. It begins, therefore, with the disciples’ faith in the reality of the resurrection of Jesus.

The first part of Christ the Liberator interprets Jesus' resurrection from the perspective of victims; the second part explains the christological titles in the light of early Christian faith in the resurrection and from the same perspective. The third part concludes with a study of conciliar christology. Much more than a study of the christological creeds, this last section offers a historical and theological interpretation of Christianity in the GrecoRoman world, as well as a theological exposition of the Christian belief in a God who enters history and suffers. Indeed, in all three sections Sobrino consistently and successfully argues that christological affirmations imply and signify specific theological affirmations about God.


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