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Poison in Our Foods
The Links Between Pesticides and Diseases

By Vandana Shiva and Vaibhav Singh

Poisons in our Food is a horrifying study of the terrible, often insidious devastation unleashed on the human anatomy and the global environment by pesticide poisoning. Pesticides were born in World War 2 as agents of destruction for chemical warfare. After the war, the remains of these chemicals were diverted for use in the agriculture sector. This then led to the birth of fertilizers and pesticides. A highly disturbing book, Poisons in our Food forces the reader to enter the nightmarish world of pesticide related ailments where both men and women struggle to survive cancer, congenital birth defects, nervous seizures, paralysis and a whole range of equally debilitating diseases. The book records the cause and effect of pesticides and quotes from studies that have established a direct link between certain types of Cancer and the short and long term consumption of the various poisons in our food and water. It draws a disquieting picture of the unethical and aggressive marketing techniques adopted by Pharmaceutical, Pesticide and Fertilizer Corporations without furnishing end users with proper labels and warnings. This book is a wake-up call for a somnolent Government that has been a mute spectator while unscrupulous corporations have waged chemical war on a largely ignorant public for several decades. It constitutes essential reading for farmers and their families who are directly handling pesticides without realizing the terrible fate that awaits them in the not so distant future.

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